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    Do you know of any stepped/graded readers suitable for ESOL students? At the
    moment we are using Forest, Asmat and Coventry readers, but these are very
    much out of date. I have been looking for a while now and can't seem to
    find anything appropriate.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful

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    Re: Readers

    Cambridge, Longman and Oxford have readers.

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    Re: Readers

    Thanks for you help

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    Re: Readers

    Hi Beth,

    If you have any contacts with book publishers such as Pearson Education or McGraw Hill, they offer many, many readers in series. Another series I like is Delta Readers by Oxford. These are set for vocabulary levels.

    For a full list of readers, go to:



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    Re: Readers

    Hiya Robert
    Thats really really helpful.
    Thanks so much

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