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    use of his/her/their

    i have noticed in a English book mentioning that

    someone lost their keys -wrong
    someone lost his/her keys -correct

    Could anyone clarify the usage of his/her/their with someone?

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    Re: use of his/her/their

    Quote Originally Posted by neelajah View Post
    I have noticed in an English book mentioning that

    Someone lost their keys. - is wrong
    Someone lost his/her keys. - is correct.

    Could anyone clarify the usage of his/her/their with someone?

    The problem is that someone can both be male and female.
    In order to avoid this problem we use their.
    Probably his/her is "more correct" althought I would never say that their is wrong.
    Theoretically there are plenty of such examples:
    Everybody has their own problems.
    A person lost their cellphone last night.
    Everyone wants to find their real love.

    As you can see everybody is singular (because of has) but I use their, because I don't mean just male or female.

    Maybe the "best" version would be:
    Someone lost his or her keys.



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