Hi, Please I want someone to correct and grade my letter of complaint. The situation is the following: There is a testing of cosmetics on animals and I have to defend them.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to express my disapproval of testing cosmetics on animals. It can be very dangerous and harmful for the animals is tested on.

I am totally opposed to the fact that the cosmetic companies test their products on animals , owing to the fact that it is very harmful for the animals because the chemicals used in the elaboration of the cosmetics can produce serious effects on every single animal they are tested on. As a result of the testing sometimes many animals even die.

However there could be a good real solution which can be change the material of the cosmetics elaboration. That means to reduce or eliminate the chemicals for more organical things such as plants, herbs and natural things.

I hope you give this matter your urgent attention because it can not be possible that more animals can be affected by the testing of cosmetics.
Yours faithfully
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