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Strategies to attract the GLBT customer base

By, Chengcheng Guo

This article “Strategies to attract the GLBT customer base,” written by Kathy Flaxman is about how companies attract gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. Xtra a high-speed internet company who has a full-page ad features two men in a nicely appointed kitchen. With that ad Xtra was hoping to have the target audience see a reflection of themselves in the ad. has partnered up with Xtra and a spokesman for Acanac, Paul Loura, says that Xtra has been very helpful and have gotten many results from them. Russel Belk, the Kraft foods Canada chair of marketing at the Schulich school of business says not only is targeting the GLBT community market a very common practice but there are many different ways for companies to position themselves to woo the customer base. Bay Bloor Radio has also been advertising to the GLBT market for about 10 years. They think it is a very good idea because they are located very close to Toronto’s gay village at Church and Wellesley. Another company that advertises to the GBLT community is Orbit Productions, who mainly produce shows from Fetish Fairs to dance parties. Their way of advertising to the GLBT was by simply putting the location of their fetish fair at Church and Wellesley because about 50 per cent of the people who are interested in fetishes are from the GLBT community. Professor Belk says that many companies that want to appeal to the GLBT community don’t hire gay employees which is a huge mistake. Gabrielle Zhika says that even through all the commercials and seeing members of the community reflected in the commercials she still tend to choose a product by the price.

By, Chengcheng Guo

The GLBT community will always be there, but I just don’t think advertising specifically for them is the way to go as this article “Strategies to attract the GLBT customer base,” written by Kathy Flaxman was trying to convey. Yes the GLBT community is out there, yes the GLBT community can mean a huge portion of your customers. However why should we advertise something especially for them, unless your product or service is directly aimed for the GLBT market. But if your product or service is not directly aimed towards them I think companies should make more advertisements that aim at why their product or service is cheaper and better than their competitors. Gabrielle Zhika supports my views by saying “But I would tend to choose a product by the price.” If your product is meant for the GLBT market, then this is a great article, with some great start up ideas that you can use on how your company can advertise to the GLBT community.

I look up to Xtra because it was one of the first few to bolding place a full page ad of two gay men in a kitchen. Following Xtra’s lead partnered up with them and use many of Xtra’s methods. The Bay Bloor radio and Orbit productions are very smart in knowing their location. This way orbit productions avoided having a fetish fair far away from a GLBT community when over 50 per cent of the people that are interested at from the GLBT community. And Bay Bloor radio knew their location was close to the gay community so they knew to adversity in the GLBT market for about 10 years.

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