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    Exclamation ASAP short paragraph 200words PLEASE EDIT urgent

    Hi i have a short argument paragraph due tomorrow and i want someone to edit it tonight!! please read it, it is only 200 words!!

    also should i name this
    Are we becoming to dependent on computers?


    We are becoming to dependent on computer

    By, chengcheng guo
    We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. Within a few decades, computer has been changed from a luxury good into a essential good in our minds. Almost every aspect of our lives has been exploited by computers whether it’s by helping us get our work done, joining us with social networks or even pure entertainment. Many of us now rely on computers to type up our work instead of writing it out by hand. Simply because typing does not only allow us to finish our work faster but also checks simple spelling and grammar errors. It is also much easier for students to submit their work to fellow class-mates for peer editing purposes by using one of the many different social networks, such as Facebook, MSN, AIM, Myspace, Skype and many others. Not only do they help student get their work done, and catch up on homework but also lets them keep in touch without frequent visits because they can still keep in touch with a simply “Hello,” through the social networks. The best part about computers is that whenever we stress over something such as an assignment that we are typing we can simply “Alt+Tab,” into an entertainment application such as games, videos or even cross words if the application is installed. There are thousands of applications out there for us to use with a simple click of a button allowing us to take time off and enjoy the simpler things in life. Computers are used daily for homework, social networks and entertainment needs therefore the invention of computers has changed our lives dramatically by making us dependent on them.
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