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    five questions

    A new painting was hanging in the Hemlock Mills Art Gallery. Throughout the day, visitors stood before the new exhibit and speculated as to what it represented.
    ”I think it's a terrifying monster,” said Misty. ”There's no name on it, but I'm sure it was drawn by a famous artist.” ”I'd say it's a picture of a park as seen from an airplane,” mused James. ”I see many trees and roads.” Miss Culture, the local art critic for the Hemlock Weekly News, made her pronouncement. ”This is clearly a masterpiece created by an artist who wishes to be anonymous at this stage of his or her career. The brilliant strokes of color symbolize a person who is looking back at an exciting lifetime of accomplishment!” At that moment, Mr. Lightman, the gallery curator, entered the room. ”Isn't it great?” he asked with a big smile on his face. ”My three-year-old child did that this morning. He says it's a maze. I think it's amazing!”

    I would like to know the answers of five questions.

    1. The text suggests that .
    a. some people pretend they understand art.
    b. art can be explained by critics only.
    c. grown-ups will never understand the art made by children.
    d. children's drawings convey their inner feelings and expectations of life.
    e. the curator is very proud of his gallery due to the large number of

    2. You can infer that when the curator says, ”It's amazing,” he probably
    refers to .
    a. the fact that children are able to create art of very high quality.
    b. the fact that many people are so interested in art nowadays.
    c. the fact that any person can produce a masterpiece.
    d. the maze itself.
    e. the way visitors reacted to his child's production.

    3. According to the writer, Miss Culture is a person who ______.
    a. acts as if she knows more than she really does
    b. is well educated in art and culture
    c. is a personal friend of the artist
    d. recognizes the value of the painting

    4. When Mr. Lightman said "it's amazing", he probably means ______.
    a. the painting is really marvelous
    b. people's responses are so varied
    c. miss Culture's comment is false
    d. art criticism sounds so weak

    5. What does this story mean?
    a. Don't look at things in the same way.
    b. Little kids can be great artists.
    c. People understand things differently.
    d. No critic tells the truth.

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    Re: five questions

    We don't do homework. Tell us what you think the answers should be.


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