Flashing back to my childhood, I remember that I did really have a funny and enjoyable childhood. Childhood is the most important stage in one's life because one start to build his or her personality through interacting with others. Furthermore, everything we do in our childhood does affect our life later on, for instance, the kind of food we used to eat in our childhood is what we eat in our adulthood, the way of dealing with problems, even if it were in a game, is similar to how you endure obstacles when you are old.

In my childhood, I used to eat a lot of sweets; consequently, I continued to do so until now. When I was a child, I used to draw a lot of paintings for the objects surrounding me as the chairs, wardrobes and my teddy bear; as a result, I intend to be an architect because one of my main hobbies is drawing. When I was at the age of eight, my mom used to teach me how to be organized, accurate and punctual. Now, I am developing these skills broadly not only at home, but also in my school and study.

Moreover, in Japan there is a more developed way to improve the children's, aging between 4 and10, abilities and aptitudes, I mean " Kidzania": This place teaches the children how to be firemen, pilots, policemen, coastguards, as well as, how to take the responsibility. Supporting my viewpoint, I had read a Japanese article before, stating that the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and the primary stage are the most vital stages that we have to take care of, if we hopefully want to lead our country to progress and advancement. In my country there is a metaphor describing the children's minds as a ball of clay that is lenient and one can easily shape it.

In concolusion, I do believe that our childhood does affect our life later on and , as I previously mentioned,that we should give a special care to children in there early stages.