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    Smile gerund or infinitive

    I have recently learned two basic rules for verbals.
    First, start a sentence with gerund and end with infinitive:
    1. Learning English is fun.
    2. It is fun to learn English.

    Second, regard gerund as actual and infinitive as potential:
    3. His hobby is collecting stamps. [Actual]
    4. His dream is to become a doctor. [Potential]

    Does this mean the following?
    1. Learning English is fun. [Actual: I am learning it and I like it]
    2. It is fun to learn English. [Potential: Well, that's what they say]
    3. To learn English is fun. [Potential: OK, but better to use sentence 2]
    4. It is fun learning English. [Actual: A bit off and better to use sentence 1]

    Thanks in advance!
    Feel free to correct my sentences. I welcome them, not resent them!

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    Re: gerund or infinitive

    I would have to agree with your ideas. 1 & 2 sound most natural. Sentences 3 & 4 sound unnatural. You are correct with the potential and actual. However, 1 & 2 can both be said by people that have or haven't studied English.

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