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    first message

    Hi! How are you. I think you're OK. I am a new member in your forum. I'm a student. And I regularly have questions in English. Can I ask you for help if I have some difficulties in writing, grammar, translating etc. May I ask questions like the following. I've read the verb "to balkanise something''. What does it mean? Thank you very much for accepting me into your community. I hope I'll improve my English with your help. Good luck.
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    Re: first message

    Welcome to the board, muhiddin.

    'To balkanise something' would mean to give something the characteristics of the Balkans, in the same way as anglicise and frenchify mean to make things look and sound English or French respectively.

    Or it might mean to make something more acceptable to (or appropriate for) people in the Balkans.

    Hope that helps.

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