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    Re: Teaching Spoken English


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    Re: Teaching Spoken English

    Hi, I'm an English teacher and recently I've been teaching students spoken english to pass the GESE test. The most frequently used way is firstly introduce a topic for the day, and then show the students some video clips about the topic and introduce some related knowledge and words might be used. Then it is the students' time. They have discussions in groups and share their ideas and whatever they want to say. Then as a guide, the teacher may ask them questions such as: what do you think of today's topic? what are your group members' opinions? Do you agree with them or not? Why? etc.

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    Re: Teaching Spoken English

    one of the easiest starts is to work with procedural language; as Carmelita mentioned 'building vocab is vital.
    Choose a topic/theme: making something fun - food usually works as they get to it after it. They can then give each other instructions to make something and they are only allowed to follow what is said (this is great writing practice too). This is fun because kids usually leave out the knife so you can't cut and they have to find an alternative.
    Work on the names of the food and untensils you will use and have a word wall where you will add these words to (later you will add the phrases that make instructions - get the....; cut the...pour the...).
    You can play memory games to start and you can record their attempts at saying the words and then play it back to them. As you work with one on the words the other can record and listen and vice-versa....Then build on actions - pour, cut (using flashcards and actions together - play 'Simon Says....').

    Keep up the great work. I have some simple flashcards, but I dont know how to send them to you.

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