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    To 'copy in' means?


    I am not an English teacher.

    Recently I requested that my wife's Christian name be added alongside

    mine in one of our club's email membership lists. (The club has

    different branches with different organizers.) Anyway, I received

    this reply from a native American speaker:

    "The distribution list is the only thing I maintain. I am copying in Frank,

    who maintains the master list including addresses"

    Our questions are 1) Does 'to copy in' mean 'to copy from?"

    2) Is the phrase being used correctly,

    3) slang or

    4) new to you?

    Thanking you in anticipation,



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    Re: To 'copy in' means?

    I think it means he is using the "cc" (carbon copy) feature to pass your email along to Frank, so Frank can handle it. I don't think I would have added the "in." I probably would have said I copied Frank, or just that I cc'd him.

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    Re: To 'copy in' means?

    Apparently Frank has the master address list - the writer should have copied our full

    names and addresses from him!

    If the above is true - I therefore thank you for confirming that 'copying in'

    was indeed misleading at least!

    Thank you again!


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