please i need help on my grammar....

Well I would like to explain what caused me to have these problems first when I enrolled in college I didnít know exactly what to do so after a couple of semesters I spoke to a counselor and he told me that in San Diego there was no University for architecture I was not so happy when I found that this career was not available, but I was already enrolled in College and I always want to finish a career so I decide to take general classes but because I was so disappointed and confused about my future I really didnít dedicate my time and interest to study or participate in assignments or extra credits I just took classes but I didnít take it seriously and thatís the main reason of my low grades.
What is different this time is that I know what I want for my future and my goal is to finish what I started now I will put my effort dedication and interest in all classes not only for my major. I will be dedicated, put school in first place, participate in all activities, do extra credits and ask for help every time I needed, I already make a study plan in order for me to be a good student and also I started to take classes in my home so I could know about the programs used in this career like AutoCAD and ArchiCAD and also about the art history.
My career is so important my future depends on that. This is what I always dream of being and I will make sure that I succeed in my career and be able to express my passion for this art. I thank you for taking the time to reconsider for a second change I really appreciate it.