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Gmail is an fantastic mail service, have many feature that makes your life easier. but unfortunately Google services doesn't support to log in different account in the same time, most of us have personal mail, another mail for work and trying to log-in to your two Gmail accounts' is impossible, but with us in there isn't any thing impossible we work to make the impossible possible for you to make the life more and more easier.

To do this tips you will need:-

1.Internet connection -that you should already have-.
2.Two different Gmail accounts.

Note: You can use this tip to log-in to two different Gmail accounts but just two accounts not more.

Open Google chrome go to log-in to your first e-mail, click on CTRL+N this will open a new page in the incognito mode got to and open your second Gmail account. That is it easy and fast enjoy checking you mail.
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I know it is short but it just quick tip