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    IGCSE Oral Assessment (ESL)?

    Would it be possible for me to get an A* if
    1)I said short umms when i was thinking.
    2)I said "and stuff like that" after listing a range of examples.

    However, my conversation was substantial. It was well developed. It had a flow. I started talking from start to finish without any long pauses.

    what is my expected result

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    Re: IGCSE Oral Assessment (ESL)?

    Ummms are a natural part of speech- everybody uses them so they shouldn't count against you as long as they weren't excessive. There's also nothing wrong with saying 'stuff like that'- purists may decry it as an ugly phrase, but it's a natural usage. Neither of these should prevent you from getting a top mark unless you did little else, but from what you say and the contents of your post, I shouldn't worry about these two things. It also shows a healthy critical analytical ability, which sounds positive to me.

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