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    Berlitz and Wallstreet schools

    Hello everybody! I am interested to know if Berlitz and Wallstreet schools really do a good job,and teach english in a proper way and if they use the latest and up-to-date methods and technology to do it. I would like to send my daughter to a schhol like that in order to boost her English, but i am not sure which school to choose. Please, if anybody knows something about these schools please respond. I want to know which a pluses and which are minuses of each of the schools. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Berlitz and Wallstreet schools

    In both cases, they claim to have a special method. I would always take claims to have a special guaranteed method that revolutionises learning with a pinch of salt. Opinion is divided about Berlitz among teachers- some enjoy teaching there because of the structured format, while others say that it doesn't really teach the true complexities of language, so students don't acquire genuine fluency. I don't know very much about Wallstreet, but it seems to have much the same model- its own method. In both cases, this means that your daughter is likely to be able to prgress along the lines laid out in their handbooks, and you'll probably find that they do have modern equipment as they are both major corporations. I would visit the schools and ask a few questions. Find out how well qualified their teachers are- are they all graduates with an indepenndent teaching qualification? What external exams are available? Ask to see pass rates, etc.
    By the way, where do you live?

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    Re: Berlitz and Wallstreet schools

    thank you for your response, Tdol. I appreciate your help very much

    I am just concerned with the fact that what they advertise is not always what people get at the end. I would like to speak to people who studied English there, may be they have forums or chats but i can't find them. Apparently, Berlitz and Wallstreet are not interested in "witnesses", otherwise they would organize forums with public access...


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