Please review the Letter, if any mistakes, please correct it.

Write a letter to a restaurant manager complaining about the food and the service during your recent visit when you dined in with your family on a special occasion. In your letter:
- Describe the problems that you had,
- Say what were the consequences of these problems,
- Specify an action you would like the manager to take.

I am writing to complain about the food items and service when we dined last week at your restaurant.
I have chosen your restaurant for dinner with my family for my parents wedding anniversary. We have faced a few problems during our visit. Firstly, we have waited a long hour to order the items. The waiter was not responded properly while ordering.
After ordered the food items, we have waited an hour to serve the dinner. We are not happy; the way waiter served the food for us. There are few items served by the waiter, which we are not ordered. When we asked about the unordered items, he does not answer properly. Few ordered items are missed out on the list. At the end, we got the receipt, which has the unordered items and the receipt was wrong.
I would like you to take the necessary action about the food and services. Please check with your chef regarding the taste of food and arrange training for waiter to serve the food for customers politely.
Look forward to your action.
Yours truly,