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    Assignment? Work-out? Guides?

    I teach English at a Russian university where I sometimes give students written assignments. The problem is that I am not sure as to how to call these papers in English correctly.
    I know that if I give out the sheets of paper with the tasks written on them to students such papers may be called handouts. Are there some other words to call such papers?
    How should I call them if I am publishing these very papers on our local site for students homework and write a message for them, e.g. "Here's (the assignment? the work-out? the task? or what?) for you to download/do". I cannot use the word handout here, because its virtual. Homework is not the word I need, because they are not always supposed to be only for homework. I need to call these documents somehow in various classroom situations:
    Here's a X for you.
    Don't forget to download XXX from our website.
    Lets\'s pass on to our XXX
    Have all of you done the task from the XXX

    Thanks in advance for any comment.

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    Re: Assignment? Work-out? Guides?

    I think you can use assignment or task but not work-out.

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