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    the use of "stuff" and "alike"

    ....., and I'm so confused by stuffs alike.

    My questions are:
    1. Is it ok to say "stuffs" instead of "stuff"? or both are ok?
    2. Is the use of "alike" here correct? I know "like this" is right, but what about "alike"? is it also ok?

    Thanks a lot for your kindly help.

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    Re: the use of "stuff" and "alike"

    'Stuff' is the word for uncountables, where 'thing' is the word for countables:

    'There is a lot of stuff in my pocket.'
    'There are a lot of things in my pocket.'

    'Stuff' can be countable in some special uses (like fabrics), but it is not a use that you will meet often.

    You should not use 'alike' as you did. 'Alike' as an adjective or adverb needs two referents (implied or overt):

    'You and I are alike in enjoying English.'
    'I eschew asparagus and rutabagas alike.'


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    Re: the use of "stuff" and "alike"

    That's very helpful indeed. Thank you very much, Mister Micawber


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