thanks to check and suggest me correction for my cover letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student in my final year of mechanical engineering and material sciences, at the XXXXX in France. I am currently spending my fifth year at the XXXX of the Shanghai University in China. I am actively looking for a 6-month internship starting in February 2011.
Arianespace is the world leader for the launching of satellites into space. Passionate by aerospace/aeronautic and the technical challenges involved, I would be very interested about being part of the achievement of your projects. The possibility to do an internship in your company is really motivating for me. I would be glad to serve the company well at work with my varying abilities. Indeed, I study first in DUT (Technical diploma in mechanical and production engineering) and then in mechanical engineering school in France and in China too, that equips me with a strong technical background in material sciences, quality, production management, CAD, finite element and project management. My previous internships in PSA and at the French atomic research center enabled me to improve and to put in application my theorical knowledge in a high-technology environment. Inspired and encouraged by these two professional experiences, I strengthened the following skills and capacities: team spirit, flexibility, autonomy, organization and my abilities to take initiatives.
I am certain that nowadays, at the time of globalization, an engineer must have an international openness. That’s why I am looking for an international training period at the XXXX. My one year exchange program in Shanghai improves my ability to adapt to different culture. I also have developed my communications skills particularly in English. Thanks to my interactions with other international students and with Chinese colleagues during the industrial projects I made with Faurecia and Siveco, I now feel comfortable working and living in an international and intercultural context. My natural curiosity and my passion for the travel lead me to plan to start my career abroad.
You will find enclosed my résumé. I would be honored if you take my application into consideration, and I am willing to provide you any further information you require. I will therefore be myself available for an interview at your best convenience.

Yours faithfully,