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    what mean this sentence?

    This sentence is answer about Rising Kingdoms(Computer game).

    [ Uncontrolable units don't count towards the population, and the glory system can be annoying, but it's a useful tool to force players to come out in multiplayer. Turtling just don't work in MP since colony guards = glory. ]

    That mean Glory system is good in Multiplay?

    It's difficult for me what mean "come out".

    p.s. Sorry for my english, because I'm not an english speaker.
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    Re: what mean this sentence?

    I'm not a gamer, so I can't be sure, but I think it does mean it's a good thing. By forcing them to 'come out', it suggests that they are hiding in some way, but the glory system can stop them doing this.

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    Re: what mean this sentence?

    I haven't played the game, but by browsing through some screenshots I can make a safe guess that this is a realtime strategic game, just like Starcraft or Warcraft trilogy you should be familiar with.

    'Coming out' in realtime strategic game means to take the offensive, rather than tighten up on your defense and hide like a turtle in your own base. You have to send your attack units to enemy bases early and fast to gain the upper hand.

    Turtling means just the opposite. You build a strong defense around your base so that noone can invade. I'm guessing you can't forever stick to that in Rising Kingdoms because you can't get this glory thing unless you send your units out and kill the enemy colony guards.

    Question for Tdol:
    Would it have been better to use the gerund in the underlined?
    'taking the offensive rather than tighening up on your defenses'?
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    Re: what mean this sentence?

    Oh I see..

    Thank you for explanation. and Your English skill is good. I envy you.^^

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