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    rhetorical question...revision ideas?

    So, what are some reasonable conditions to justify spin-offs on information grounds? One is that spin-offs provide investors with new information cannot be disclosed voluntarily. There are several potential forms of new information generated by spin-offs. First, spin-offs can be more effective in increasing the amount of useful information to public investors than, for instance, voluntary improvements in investor communication. Gigler and Hemmer (1998) find that audited mandatory disclosure is more useful to investors than additional voluntarily disclosure about a firm’s operations....Second...

    Are rhetorical questions always bad? I started out the paragraph with a rhetorical question because I wanted to give the paragraph more emphasis. Given the content of the paragraph, what is a better way to start it out without the rhetorical question?
    Thank you so much!

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    Re: rhetorical question...revision ideas?

    But is it too informal?

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