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    dear sir / madam,
    i have got some questions ,i dont know if you dont mind answerig them.
    the question:
    there are 4 items of language below(A,B,C, and D).
    a. I 've been waiting here for two hours.
    b.It suits you -versus-It fits you.
    c.Iwish Ididnt live in london.
    d.You should have locked the window.

    If some is presenting the target language in each sentence to fairly low level class of students, and have to grade his/her language accordingly :
    2.eliciting (show picture)
    3.concept question
    4.anticipated difficulties
    iam looking forward to hearing from you and i will appreciat that if you could help me.
    best regards

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    Re: help

    What was the question you would like answered??

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    Re: help

    He's all yours Pedroski, I haven't a clue of his question.


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