Poll: You can't teach an old ____ new tricks

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    You can't teach

    You can find the answer here.

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    Re: You can't teach

    Thanks! Good idiom, I'm hungry for more!

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    Re: You can't teach

    I love this one.
    It is difficult to make someone change the way they do something when they have been doing it the same way for a long time

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    Re: You can't teach

    A similar expression to this is: "a leopard never changes its spots".
    Notice that both of these sayings feature two different animals?
    When we talk about a person who finds it difficult to change their way of doing something, we often refer to them as 'a creature of habit'.

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    Angry Re: You can't teach myself a new proverb? ;)

    I've just found this website which looks very interesting for my needs of improving my English.

    I know a proverb in French like this one but with a monkey and faces... Then I felt in the horses's trap.

    I recently realised with an ipad and a translator that I have difficulties to formulate corrects sentenses (by the place of a verb, articl, subject... Must normally be).

    We can't teach a monkey faces... By looking on dog's proverb above, it makes me thinking about the circus, which if I am not wrong a very old way to do it in Europe.

    Greetings from France and Belgium.

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    Re: You can't teach myself a new proverb? ;)

    Ohh dog !

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