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    present participle and past participle

    Present particple can be used in past continuous tense.
    Past participle can be used in present perfect tense.
    Why do we use 'present participle' in expressing past continuous tense ?

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    Re: present participle and past participle

    The participles do not have tense themselves-- they carry their names (unfortunately), based on one of their common uses. The tense depends on that of the auxiliary:

    Present continuous (I am osculating)-- 'is' is present tense
    Past continuous (I was osculating)-- 'was' is past tense.
    Future continuous (I will be osculating)-- ('will be' is future 'tense')

    As you can see, they all use the 'present participle', which is better called the '-ing form'.

    Beware nomenclature; observe function.


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