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  1. chris

    playing-out/cathing sickness

    Hi teacher:

    Would you please tell me the meanings of the following bracketed clause and phrases?

    1. Some kinds were afraid to walk through strange places in the dark, but
    she wasn’t. [Girls were scared a man would come out from somewhere and
    put his teapot in them like they were married.]

    2. The idea of the party was over entirely now. This was just a regular
    [playing-out]. But it was the wildest night she had ever seen. The kids had
    caused it. The were like a [catching sickness], and their coming to the
    party made all the other people forget about high school and being almost

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    Re: playing-out/cathing sickness

    #1-- the bracketed portion means that the girls were afraid that they would be raped by a man hiding in the dark.
    #2-- 'Playing-out' means the completion of an expected or prescribed routine. A 'catching sickness' is a contagious disease.


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