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    Improving English


    My previous job required me to improve my written skills. I was struggling and making grammatical errors. Which looked minor but the employer was concerned as I was in a Account Management role, that required extensive writing.

    My spoken is perceived to be good and I have been commended as well.

    I would greatly appreciate if some one (teacher preferably) advise me on how I could have perfect writing skills.

    English is my second language and I would love to bring in to a standard that's equivalent to first language user.



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    Re: Improving English

    Welcome to the board, ghatic.

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone (teacher preferably) could advise me on how to achieve perfect writing skills.
    There's no answer to that (I for one wouldn't claim to have perfect writing skills), but the high standard of written English you have displayed in your post leads me to believe that you have not much to worry about.

    Ask us here on the forum if you have any specific problems about grammar or usage.


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    Re: Improving English

    Thanks Rover,

    Appreciate your feedback. One thing I just could not stop noticing is that my written style is so different to yours. And I assume it's because I have carried forward a bad habit of structuring sentences based on my native language usage style (which is Sinhalese).

    When I see a comparison of what I have written and the suggestion it's quite easy to pick my short coming.

    Thanks once again. I shall post more usage or grammar queries in the future.



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