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    Thank you tecahers.

    I am a student in Korea University. I am writing expository essay about Twitter and I am curious about the usage of singular/ plural nouns and article.
    "In order to do Twitter, user has to subscribe first. It requires some personal information such as name, age, e-mail address and etc. During subscription, User can set up the field that interests him such as sports and entertainment"
    1. In the sentence above, is it okay to use just 'user' without article(a/the user) and 2. is it allowable to use both 'user' and 'users' together in one essay without a big change in meaning. for example,
    "Cyworld Users cannot look at each other's contents unless they agree to form a ceratin relation called 'Il-Chon' and nobody will likely to accept the offer of 'Il Chon' by someone he doesn't know."
    In this sentence, I used 'users' instead of 'user' because i thought this is more compatible with the phrase 'each other'.
    Thank you in advance :)

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    Re: Thank you tecahers.

    I would use articles with user or users when writing an essay.

    To write user without articles is to use the imperative tense which would be used in instructions or notices.

    (will be likely to)


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