Please help me to correctly this sentense, I want to keep it my memory

Real life past 1

“Last year is not my year but this year is my year” one word of former Thai prime minister said before the res-shirt violence had occurred in Bangkok.
Yesterday when I got back home I spent a little time to read a news about my country and former Thai prime minister, I don’t know why he want to come back so quickly, I don’t know what he thing, I thought if he still quiet for a little time (1 or 2 years) maybe he can come back same as former former prime minister. He has a couple of good thing and bad thing in himself, I shouldn’t mention he too much maybe it can be impacted to me.
I mentioned he because I like one word of him “Last year is not my year but this year is my year” It can explain about my life this year I very good luck my company sent me to work oversea although I can speak English a bit maybe you can say I can’t speak English if you used to work with me. I know I would have more problem when I work oversea but opportunity is not come to you or my life every time maybe somepeople have it just a one when he/she still alive, that is reasonable why I accept to go Hong kong and other one reason because THIS YEAR IS MY YEAR.
This year I’m 25 years old. In Thailand we say “ben-ja-ped” when people have age 25 years old and we believe when people we age 25 years(ben-ja-ped) the massive horrible or bad thing will be occurred on ourselves, We must careful , beware and prepare ourselves to support , I quite believe that but not too much I thought when people have age 25 that is during time to change ourselves from study to work. In the past I believed ben-ja-ped is must get bad thing to all of us I don’t know about it so much, someone told me about ben-ja-ped has to 2 type one is bad thing come and one is good thing come, I very happy when I heard that because I had to talk with someone is me still in love she told me about ben-ja-ped and also ask me what I thought about her. I know we know each other, she know me love she and I know she can’t love me. I know that but I couldn’t stop myself to talk with her, I never reject her call although she call me when I sleep
2.00 A.M. “ I’ve been living with a showdown overhead, I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed” my phone had rang. She call me and cried she told me she separate from her boyfriend but she still in love with her boyfriend, I didn’t know why I had feeling sad when I heard that I was should happy, was not I?

Hopping you are understand what I write and happy when read it. Now I had completed wirte part 2 in the book if I have time I will write it soon