I agree with you, making a thing a goal may make reaching to this goal is like an impossible way if we as we consider it as an ideal condition or even an exception.I do play chess (not very clever lol) so If I make playing the chess is the goal may I would sacrifice for playing it! and I think it's kind of foolness,If I put the wining in games of chess is a goal I may can't take being defeated and may be agressive for non deserving reasons for all people, But If I put the mind thinking is the goal or even fun in playing chess I uaually will take the right decisions, If I lost I will learn from my mistakes, If I don't have time to play, I won't sarcrifice and so on.

So by determining our aims in most thing would be more proper and more useful especially in the priority problems.

I know that is a comprehensional speech but it has big benefit and reality after experiments in general.

I liked this from you :)

Also, one can eventually get to control their shame about making mistakes, and that's one of the points at which native speakers' help is a nice thing to have. When you must communicate, you don't have time to be ashamed. I know about some people who got rid of they linguistical shame this way