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  1. asa

    I love English language BUTTTTTTTT

    I'm going to study PhD in the UK incoming October . My ploblems are:
    Having lack of confidence toward studying in the Uk, poor english in reading ,writing ,speaking and listening .
    So how can I implove my language ,eventhough Iam taking English classes from 2000 till now.
    I want to speak fluently without observing my mistakes .
    Please help me to find websites for talking online with native speakers.

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    Re: I love English language BUTTTTTTTT

    Well, it seems you've already found one website.

    Seriously, the best thing you can do to improve your fluency quickly is to read, read and read.

    BUT (And like yours it's a big 'but' ), you should be readling lots and lots of children's books. English grammar doesn't change much beyond 4th and 5th grade.

    The vocabulary, the length of sentences and the number of clauses may increase, but the grammar stays pretty much the same.

    Go to your library or bookstore and find illustrated readers for children (preferably ones with glossaries and comprehension questions -- the Oxford series is a great example). Start with ones aimed at BELOW your reading level. (I would guess 4th grade.) Read about 20 of those at the rate of at least two a day. Then move to the next grade level and do the same thing. Continue on with this until grade 8. At this point, assuming you have time, start reading juvenile novels (those written for children ages 12 - 16). Those will take a couple of days to finish each.

    While doing this be sure you are keeping a vocabulary notebook and a patterns notebook (write down new constructions as you learn them e.g. "X takes a toll on Y" = X is causing Y a lot of stress or X is causing Y to become worn down or broken") and, most importantly, read everything twice -- once silently and once aloud. After all, what you want is fluency, and that doesn't come without speaking practice.

    If you have the money (or better yet, if you can do this at the library) this is a fantastic way to acquire fluency. It has worked for most of my students.

    My $0.02. Hope this helps.

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    Re: I love English language BUTTTTTTTT

    Hi, RonC!

    Apart from your $$$, it realy helps I believe, I'd think reading lots of book wouldn't help THAT much on fluent speaking. When a learner's problem comes to speaking, it has to do with talking itself. S/he has to practice conversation with friend or any native English speakers!

    Reading children's book is a great idea. I choose to listen to children's chansons, which is the way I'm learning French now. Reading itself is good but will be better if it combines with listening and speaking.

    If one is going to get his Doctor Degree, then fluency is everything. It's the idea and the theory in your head that you want to share with the world eagerly . The head is a treasure island! But if one is talking nonsense fluently, he might be considering getting another kind of PhD.

    All the best,

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    Re: I love English language BUTTTTTTTT

    The best way to learn a langauge is by being somewhere it's spoken. Why not come to England a little earlier than planned to work on your language and adapting to the culture? Good luck.

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    Re: I love English language BUTTTTTTTT

    Here are some sites dealing specifically with academic English:

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