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    Smile hang tough and don't spoil the magic

    Hello. I need your help about the underlined pharase.

    Hang tough and as Chris always used to say, don't spoil the magic.

    (Chris had a leukemia and died. The speaker is his mother and a writer. She wrote a children's story about a cancer patient. The sentence above is from her book. She is speaking to the readers.)

    Please help!!! Thank you.

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    Re: hang tough and don't spoil the magic

    "Hang tough" means to remain firmly resolved, to stay determined and keep going no matter what obstacles face you. "Don't spoil the magic" sounds like Chris is saying don't be negative, don't ruin his mood. It's hard to be more specific without more context, but a possible example would be going out on a Sunday afternoon and having a wonderful time at a fair. You saw interesting exhibits, rode on some carnival-type rides, and ate delicious food prepared by various vendors. As the sun sets, you're just relaxing and relishing the fun you've had and then your companion says "We'd better get going; traffic is going to be bad on the way home and I've got to do some laundry and get ready for work tomorrow." You don't want to hear about such mundane things, so you tell him "Be quiet, don't spoil the magic."

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