Hi there people. Good morning to all.
Well, could you experienced members, please, give some advice about my cover letter? I am sending it to a company, but of course I want to do my best prior to it. Thanks in advance.
Here it goes:
This letter is to express my interest in bringing to your firm my years of expertise in industrial area as an equipment and industrial crane operator.

As my attached résumé indicates, I have worked as an operator for ten years, being responsible for the safe and correct operation of heavy equipments. I keep current on all certifications, trainings, and tests to ensure that my abilities are at their optimum for safe operation of various machines. I am pleased to act as a member of a team, and committed to my work.

Some of my key qualifications include:
operating Industrial cranes (Gantry and overhead cranes, working(dealing?) with liquid and solid loads);
operating Conveyor belts and control panels in order to transport minerals to fill up the industrial electric ovens;

In addition to the above skills, I can also offer your firm:
good interpersonal and communication skills, strong attention to details, and unparalleled work ethic. My reputation precedes me for listening and analyzing employee's ideas and thoughts on creating a safe and productive work environment;
excellent motivational and organizational skills with the flexibility required to remain highly focused and self-possessed in fast-paced, demanding environments.
a hands-on team member who can quickly learn new systems and produce significant contributions;
ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results that are easily transported between different industries.

Through my professional background, it is clear how open I am to new job experiences. I am dynamic, focused and like new challenges. I would be grateful if you select me for a test or if I am relocated to matching(associated?) areas.

For these reasons, I ask that you consider me for your position of Equipment Operator/Trainee Technician.
I thrive on challenges and will spend the time and effort it takes to succeed. Thanks so much for your consideration.