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    Exclamation Please

    Can you give me some verbs that end with (z) and others that end with (x)
    Thant you for your help

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    Re: Please

    This sounds like a job for ... Electronic Spell Checker!

    If you don't have one you can download WordNet 2.1, a freeware dictionary developed by Princeton Univ.

    There are a number of front-ends for WordNet (and it comes with its own so you can use it "out of the box") but EBswift ( offers a great freeware-donateware package that allows you to do all kind of dictionary searches through the database.

    An on-line version of the dictionary is here. ( A wildcard search like *x (in the advanced search mode) would turn up all words that end in "x." Of course, you'll have to hunt through the list.
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    Re: Please

    thank you for your help


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