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Thread: Please Check

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    Please Check

    With reference to the above matter, 1 Utama have agreed to waived a security deposit of RM1,000.00.

    TVC Television Channel Sdn Bhd hereby will take full responsibility for all the damages occur in the premises.

    Need to write a letter. Please check the above.. Thank You

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    Re: Please Check

    Sounds like someone needs a legal writer.

    I would caution against having legal documents or sales contracts "checked" on an ESL board.

    Of course, I'm not a moderator but in these kind of situations the buyer and seller should protect themselves by securing legal counsel or, at least, a notary. This also protects the operators of this board should anything untoward develop from the transaction wherein the document, that may have been reviewed in whole or in part on this forum, is used.

    /not a lawyer, don't even play one on TV

    Hope this helps.

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