Topic: Why I'm joining this college.
I really need help with my grammar and if my evidence is good enough.
I have really no one in my family to help me with my essays.
Hint: All the ___ is the location/college I'm going too. ___ for reasons :)

Choosing college can be a big decision in a personís life. Iíve never really thought about where to go. None of my family has actually gone to college, so I really havenít had a chance to ask what colleges are like. Iím going to be the first in my family, which puts a lot of pressure upon me. Iíve done a lot of researching to make the best decision possible for my future, and to bring pleasure to my family. It was by far one of the biggest decisions that I have faced in my life. And since my parents are separated there are a lot of different opinions being thrown at me. Iíve came to the decision of going to University of ___ (___). A lot of factors have contributed to my decisions, such as: location, class sizes, and cost and requirements. Those factors have led me to the conclusion of joining ___.
Location is my biggest and most concerning factor in joining ___. Where my mom is currently living is approximately 156 miles away from the ___ campus (Google Maps). This is good, because then I wonít be too far away from my mother and during the weekend I could still visit her. For my dad, who I donít see too often, I would be only 25 miles away (Google Maps). Although my mom disapproves, I think that it will be better for me then Iíll be able to spend more time with my dadsí side of the family. Also, when I was a younger child, about 10 years old, I lived in ___ with my mom. I will have a good idea where I am when Iím living in ___. Iíll be able to navigate with have very few problems. ___ also contains a lot of forests, and I love the outdoors. It contains over three million acres of forests in the arrow head region of Minnesota (Reviews from Epinions). I believe that is the best possible location for me to go to college, and still be able to see both sides of my family.
Secondly, the class sizes of the college. The average class size of ___ is around 40 students (___: Facts). This will be good for me because I will be able to have a better chance of learning and having fewer distractions around me. There can be many advantages of having smaller classes. I feel that with a smaller class size you can have more one on one time with the teacher versus having a college class with a jumble of students. Plus, I think you would be able to concentrate more on the subject. You can also experience more hands-on activities; unless you had a larger sized class you wouldnít be able to have as many opportunities (GreatSchools). I would also be able to have a greater contribution as an individual. If I am one person with a small class size I will be able to have a larger impact on what is happening in the class room; where as if I was in a larger class I wouldnít make as such an impact in the class room (GreatSchools). Thus, I think that having a smaller class size could be very beneficial for my grades and how I perform throughout college.
Lastly, the necessities of going to ___. To be honest, Iíve always wanted to go to University of ___, but the cost and the requirements are too much for me. But, for ___ the requirements and costs are acquirable. Such as, the average ACT score required for ___ is 20-24 (College Toolkit). For me, I got a 22 on the ACT which makes me acceptable for ___. Cost is also another factor that was taken in about choosing college, because when I was in the process of choosing I wanted to make sure I wouldnít have extreme debt as soon as I stepped out of the school. The total average cost of going to school at ___ in 2009-2010 was roughly $18,000 (College Toolkit). Hearing this is good, because I donít want to cost too much of my parents money and I know either way when I leave college that I will have debt, but if I attend ___ I know that if I do it wonít be as much as some other colleges around the state. I think this will be a benefit for me in my future, and will be better for my parentís future.
Conclusively, these factors: location, class sizes, and cost and requirements, have led me to choose _____. This decision really made me think about my future and what I should do, not only to benefit me, but also to benefit my family. This is by far the biggest decision that Iíve made in my life and I hope it will put me in the right track for success. I hope I will live up to my families expectations of me. After all of the opinions that have been given to me, I chose that I should go to ___. ___ is the best choice for me and I have a good feeling itís going to be a good time while Iím attending there.