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Best Retirement plan

We all know how important is to save money for future and we call it retirement plan. Generally we are worried about it and keep talking to friends about it and do our best. Luckily in the market also there are so many retirement schemes available. If you are a government employee, your retirement is saved through PPF funds. Whenever my husband discusses about retirement plan for both of us, I always felt a clueless uneasy. Last weekend again the same topic arose between us and I didnít want to show my indifference towards his plan so I kept listening to him with the same easiness. The week followed, I introspect myself and was able to find my uneasiness. I am writing this if it can help others also to make their best retirement plan. Let me ask few things about your present retirement plan, does it cover any of the following:

1. 1. If you are a housewife and suddenly no one needs your house hold help anymore? Your Children are either in different city or they do not live with you. What would you do sitting alone at home or would you be missing them all the time and waiting them for their holidays? Does your retirement plan cover this sudden change of the life?
2. 2. If you are unmarried or never had children, what you will do once you are retired from a government job or private job. Working for others for 30-40 years does not mean that you have learnt a skill that will be useful after 60s. Can you be a pilot after retirement? Then how would you pass your time. Would you just roam around the world and meet the people every month. People will stop taking your phone call after some time.
3. 3. What if any one of our spouse die left alone at age of 60. Would you be taking the anti depression pills as insurance covers this?

We might not fall into any of the above category but I am sure we all would have to face loneliness at some time in late 60s. The only thing which is the killer of loneliness is the job which we can do with our own interest. So the first step for making a retirement plan which can cover all those above factors is to decide what would be the best job we can do after 60s. It is not an easy decision; it needs a continuous introspection with ourself and need the investment of our time rather than money. Though it wonít take much of our time, we just need to invest few minutes of the day. I feel deciding of the job after retirement should not be based on money but based on what we like most. It could be any small job related to your childhood hobby like painting, knitting, playing chess, crafting, working as an advisory, starting the blogs on something of your interest, or going for school for studying the subject you ever dreamed etc. Even it could be the combination of more than one job. Unluckily, in this plan no one else can advice us, rather we need to recognize our strengths and capabilities and start building blocks on monthly basis. Like every retirement plan it also needs time to be matured to use it in your old age.

Generally we ask the small children, what you would like to become when grown up. Now itís the time to ask ourself what we would like to be when we grown up. Believe me if we want to save our loneliness after 60s, this is the right time to start investing in our retirement plan not just for money but for our heart. I am learning from my parents, how lonely they feel after I and my siblings left them. If they had their own way of living the life and had something innovative and exciting thing to day, they would have lived the life more energetically. My mother talks to me almost every week and the only thing she has to tell me is what she ate and what she cooked and how lonely she feels. I wish if she would be tutoring as she is masters in economics but now she is finding so hard to get just 1st grade students even for free. Also, we might not left that much energy and enthusiasm to learn new or to start something from scratch.

We as an adult invest our free time buying new cloths to look great, buying new car for status symbol, keep updating the gagged to feel happy temporally. Buying these things need the investment of all the weekend. The way we save some of our income every month into our money retirement plan, we also need to save some time for our old age to cover all the risk of loneliness after 60s. So itís all up to us how do we invest our time to save our loneliness after 60s. Wish you all a happy retirement planÖ!!!