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General Information
You are about to enter a primitive hiking and camping area, an experience far removed from the everyday “civilized” life to which we have become accustomed. The country through which you will walk is being allowed to revert to its natural condition; the incursions of man will be kept to a minimum. Visitors are encouraged to maximize their experience in this natural setting by closely examining and experiencing the sounds, smells and the feel of nature. In so doing, the trail before you will not only be more enjoyable but inspirational as well. Future generations will be able to enjoy and experience the primitive backcountry area only if today’s visitors protect and care for their heritage. The satisfaction and achievement of traveling through and camping in a primitive area will be complete only if you, the user, leave no sign of your visit ... no perceptible traces. Help preserve the harmony and nature of the backcountry.

1.The use of pitons is prohibited. Climb “clean” and preserve the resource for others to enjoy.
2.Leather-soled shoes are not recommended for climbing and hiking on the rock due to the slippery nature of the rock surface.
3.Visitors exploring Enchanted Rock Fissure should use CAUTION. This 1,000-foot-long talus fissure contains over 20 entrances with tight passages, wet, slippery surfaces, numerous steep inclines and hazardous vertical drops. If requires some skill and climbing ability to experience safety. To insure safety, carry at least one light source and wear loose, protective clothing and proper foot gear such as climbing boots or rubber-soled shoes.
4.Keep it safe. Nearest medical facilities are in Fredericksburg, and most parts of the park are accessible only by foot. Should an emergency arise, contact the headquarters:
(325) 247-3903
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
16710 Ranch Road 965
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(325) 247-3903
4200 Smith School Road Austin, TX 78744
PWD BR P4507-119L (10/05)

Primitive Campsites (Backpacking)
Overnight camping is permitted only in the designated primitive camping area. CAMP WITHIN CAMPING AREA BOUNDARIES. Do not rearrange the landscape. DO NOT CONSTRUCT YOUR CAMPSITE. Never cut branches, saplings or trees. As much as possible, please avoid disturbing the groundcover and topsoil. Locate your camp in order to take advantage of natural drainage and topography. Bedsites or tents should be pitched on naturally flat ground. Do not dig or level an area for a bedsite. Please remove all traces of your camp when you leave.
Be advised that the river and low-lying areas are subject to flash flooding.
Campfires are not permitted in the primitive area due to the possibility of wildfires. COOKING SHALL BE DONE ONLY ON CONTAINERIZED FUEL STOVES. NO GROUNDFIRES.
All garbage and litter (including cigarette butts) shall be packed out of the area for disposal in trash receptacles at the trailheads. Burying garbage is not permitted.
Self-composting toilet facilities are located adjacent to the trail at the designated camping areas. DO NOT THROW ANY NON-BIODEGRADABLE WASTE OR SMOKING MATERIALS INTO THE COMPOSTING TANK.

Vernal Pools
A Threatened Natural Resource
The “islands” of vegetation on the bare granite summit of Enchanted Rock are some of the most ecologically significant and severely threatened features of this state natural area. Known as soil islands, weather pits, gammas or vernal pools, these patches of vegetation on bare rock develop in depressions formed by weathering over thousands of years.
The depressions shelter an assemblage of plants and animals uniquely adapted to a harsh environment. In fact, by studying weather pits, ecologists learn: (1) how plants and animals colonize a newly formed habitat;
(2) how those organisms modify their environment and help develop soils; and, (3) how plant and animal community structure and composition change over time.
At Enchanted Rock you can see the progressive development from bare rock-bottom pits, to annual plant establishment, to miniature prairies with grasses like little bluestem and even trees like live oak. Vernal pools also support an interesting species of invertebrate, the fairy shrimp. These tiny animals survive total desiccation as fertilized eggs, and hatch into larvae and grow into adults each time water collects after sufficient rainfall.
Because of the fragile nature of weather pits, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wants to make sure visitors are aware of their significance. Too often they are perceived as nothing more than convenient rest areas or even “bathrooms” for people and pets, and are subject to trampling, littering and other forms of waste. PLEASE refrain from entering or allowing pets in weather pits under any condition. Enjoy and observe these special features only from their granite margins – STAY ON THE ROCK. Thank you for protecting an important part of the Enchanted Rock experience.