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    control patterns and raising patterns

    Hello, nice forum!

    In my mind, my question is difficult. I don't understand the differences between control patterns and raising patterns.

    I think it's a kind of symantic but i can't explain or divided that.

    e.g. :

    1. He believes Mary to be a spy.
    2. He prefers Mary to leave.
    3. He asked Mary to leave.
    4. He promised Mary to leave.

    Can someone try to help me, plaese?

    P.S.: I was trying to write down my questions, minds, answers in english. I'm sorry for my mistakes.

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    Re: control patterns and raising patterns

    I'm not familar with the terms "raising patterns" or "control patterns."

    Did you have some confusion about the example sentences you posted? Try and tell us what you think they mean and then we can see if you are having some trouble understanding them.

    "He persuades Mary to be a spy." means that he convinces Mary to start working as a spy.

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    Re: control patterns and raising patterns

    John is the subject control in 4 (it's John that is going to leave) but in 3 Mary is the object control (she is going to leave).


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