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Thread: Pay in TEFL

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    Are you getting paid enough?

    Hi All

    My name's John and I've been involved in TEFL for the best part of 20 years (GULP!).

    One of my earliest memories of TEFL was the annual migration back home for the 6-8 week stint teaching kids at various locations throughout Britain and Ireland.

    Now I know it was fun most of the time but I hated packing everything up and heading away when what I would really have loved to do was say 'Well, that's another year's teaching done, time to relax on the beach!' and then do just that!!!

    The problem was (and still is!) that my pay was never enough to just take a summer off.

    What I'd like to know is: Are there other teachers out there who feel the same. If you could build another source of income,alongside your teaching income, would you?

    I have spent considerable time thinking outside the box on this one, because I don't want to leave EFL, and I believe I have come up with some very good options for teachers.

    Please take part in the poll and let me know if this is something worth reaching for.

    If you'd like to know more, please email me at the address below. I'll reply in the near future to anyone interested .

    Looking forward to seeing if I'm just the odd one out.
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    Re: Pay in TEFL

    Hello John,
    I come from the opposite end of the TEFL career curve having only recently qualified and started to teach in summer school. I presume that one to one tuition is not an option for you for some reason, i.e. to freelance for the summer holiday period?

    I for one am interested to hear what your alternative summer employment options are. My own preference would be to do freelance one to one tuition, where and when possible, but I suppose as a source of income it cannot be guaranteed.
    I intend to head out to Thailand soon to work, and a trip back to the U.K or Europe every summer isn't really an option due to the expense.
    My previous employment expirience is in procurement, which isn't much use. I suppose getting a job in a bar or similar is a last resort, unless it's located where you want to have your holiday!

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