Like most of my peers, I have wonderful dreams. And I could follow my heart to pursue the life I want. Studying far away from my hometown since childhood, I have traveled from the south of China to the north, which has increased my knowledge. So I enjoyed telling my experiences to the people who possess the same interests. I like sharing and expressing. My self- realization could be gained from communicating with others. In the college, when I studied Communication, I seem like a seaman who finds the guiding beacon in the dark sea, because I finally see my ideal future. It is the MEDIA that could fulfill my dream.

Majored in Teaching Chinese as Second Language, I chose English as my minor. With the systemic study of both Chinese and English, I had profound accumulation of knowledge in language, literature as well as eastern and western cultures. In my opinion, there was inalienable relation between culture and literature. Western literature history and linguistic history had countless ties with Chinese culture, from which I benefited a lot. This theoretical preparation has paved me a way for my following study and internship.

After practicing as an intern Chinese teacher, I had a deeper understanding of my major and my future study of media. When I was an assistant teacher, I was responsible for teaching Chinese to foreign students. This was a kind of intercultural and inter-race communication, through which I met the cultural conflict and contradiction and got a multicultural and creative thinking. Standing on the platform, I was not only a teacher of knowledge but also a disseminator of culture. When my expression was understood and my opinions were accepted by those international students, I was proud that we are not only in a classroom, but also in the circle of communications. My audiences were the group of students who needed guidance.

Genuine knowledge comes from practice. Besides the training of professional attainment, I gained the basis understand of news report and broadcasting when I studied the optional courses of journalism and communication. Further, I endeavored to practice in the college. Whether as a campus reporter or a holiday trainee, I caught every chance of media working. Out of my rich practical experiences, the most proud one was that I was the chief journalist of our school. During these years, I grew up from a new hand of reporting to a famous school journalist whose articles were published on the school and local newspaper. It is a transformation process of a student who just interviewed by enthusiasm to a reporter who had a rational analysis. As the leader of the Journalist Group, I took part in the reporting of many significant events. In 2008, my report The Exploration and Prospection on the Free Tuition Policy for Normal Students was published by the famous local newspaper Chutian Metropous Daily. When I found my article was published, I was so excited. I believe this honor has inspired my potentials and enlightened my dream.

Since then, I was more active to practice and to sharpen myself. This summer, during the internship of PingDingShan Daily, I reported the Luoyang flooding on-the-spot coverage. As an intern journalist, I knew catastrophic was a focus of media attention, so I didnít dare to slight my duty. In the tough interview environment, I felt the hardships of journalists and knew that I needed to pay more attentions than others if I devoted myself to this industry. Furthermore, I must be responsible for my job and the public. In the process of interviewing and writing, I could feel some important problems that needed to be improved, such as the shortcomings between the efficiency of mass media dissemination and transparency. Therefore, I was determined to get further learning abroad. I dream to become a professional and responsible media worker through masterís study.

Every time when I stand on the turning point of my life, I will choose to insist and explore. Now facing the college graduation, I decide to further study for the masterís program of media in Britain and to play a role in this area. Rather than to be a teacher, I hope to be a coordinator and organizer who can maintain the relationships and emotions among people. Based on my prospection and innovation, I will explore a way to help the society get rid of traditional bondage and to gain a new vitality. I think that will always be the responsibility of media.