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    Can 'that' be omitted here?

    Consider the following sentence:
    "This concept is the first contribution that Baudrillard makes to the Marxian value framework."

    I have understood that if "that" is used as a relative pronoun that modifies a noun that act as object, it can be omitted.
    “that Baudrillard makes” serves a relative pronoun that modifies a noun (contribution).
    “the contribution” is an object.
    Therefore can “that” actually be omitted. Right? My grammar source takes the example:

    "The work (that / which) she does for this company is much appreciated."

    However, my proof-reader of a recent article has consistently added "that" to such sentences as the "The concept is the first…". Can anyone explain this to me?

    A similar question has been asked before at UsingEnglish: But I am still unsure…?

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    Re: Can 'that' be omitted here?

    "That" can be omitted, but it does make it easier to understand. That's probably why the proofreader is inserting it.

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