Capital Punishment should be applied or not?

It is a contentious issue, whether or not capital punishment should be allowed in modern society. Many countries have already withdrawn death penalties. Still some countries are trying to retain it. There are many people having their opinion against and for death penalties. They have strong feelings on it.

People against it argue that, capital punishment is something irrevocable. We can devoid a man from his life, but we cannot give his life back. So, we do not have any rights to give such penalties, in fact, it violates human rights. Moreover, There is a saying that ' To err is human'. Hence, a man can make mistakes unintentionally.

In addition to this, the decision of a judge can change with change in perspective, and innocent people may be wrongly convicted. During 1970 in Britain, a group of people condemned for a crime, and 15 years later they released as the judgement was wrong. To add, every person should give a second chance so that they can get enough time for penance and can improve their lifestyle.

On the other hand, people who support capital punishment also have some reasons. They argue that, for some offences such as rape, murder, adultery, genocide the perpetrator should be condemned to death. There must not be any mercy for someone who commits a wrongdoing again after having a punishment. We can call him recidivist and such heinous offenses are beyond our endurance. Sometimes, misdeed has a contagious pattern, and it is a big problem in a developing country. People in such countries are mostly uneducated, and they do a big crime in tiny circumstances.

In the end I think, death penalties must be applied for certain offences. We cannot forgive a person who sets fire in a hospital containing a number of innocent patients. We surely cannot excuse a serial killer when he gets caught. Moreover, how can we forgive those people who tried to sell their motherland for money and still living among us? They are hardened people to rehabilitate. They are incorrigible. Death should be their ultimate destiny.