Good evening guys!!!!
How are you???
Could you please do me a favour??
I'd be very grateful if you correct me this letter....

This is the task:
You have seen this advertisement for a job in your local English language newspaper.
Write your letter of application in 120-180 words.

This is the advertisement:


We want an enthusiastic English-speaking person to work in our computer shop at weekends.

  1. Are you interested in all types of computer games?
  2. Do you have good computer skills?
  3. Do you enjoy dealing with people?

Write to Mr Pitt, Manager of Computer Games, explaining why you would be suitable fot the job.

Dear Mr. Pitt
I've read your advertisement so far and I'm really interested in your offer.
I enjoy all types of computer games in fact I have completed lot of them(adventurous, action, simulation, MMORPG, sport, arcade, fantasy....).
I can make you a list but it would be too long and boring.
I think I'm a very sociable person as I get on very well with people and that's why I think this aspect of my personality could help me suggest and advise people to buy their most suitable games.
Furthermore, I'm very hard-working and I don't mind working long hours.(or even extra hours)
I've attended the faculty of Computer Science(in particular I got the specialisation in Pascal programming language) and I graduated two years ago with remarkable marks.(I'm enclosing you my curriculum vitae and my degree).
Finally, I can undoubtedly assure you that you won't regret employing me.

Yours sincerely