I want to inform you about an international conference that will take place in our university (1st and 2 Dec 2010).

If you are interested here is the call for papers.

The 1st International Conference
Teaching Literature:
Between Traditional and Innovatory Pedagogies
December 1st and 2nd, 2010
Call for Papers

The issue of teaching English literature in a non-native context has raised much controversy among researchers and teachers. Though many teachers use literature to assist the students‟ development in linguistic competence and to enhance their understanding of English, course outline and methodology generally vary from one teacher to another. Teaching literature is still an “uncertain” business, for no subject can be more bewildering to students than literature which remains inaccessible for many of them. The reasons are numerous: „cultural strangeness‟ of literary texts, the students‟ low linguistic competencies… EFL learners’ inability to read and respond to literary texts is a serious issue; for ‘the teaching of literature is an arid business unless there is a response‟ (Long 1986: 42). Thus, the overall aim of this conference is to describe and to evaluate teachers’ strategies currently used in our universities and to explore ways in which the traditional approaches of teaching literature can be re-invented to foster both students‟ literary appreciation and greater language understanding, and also to encourage students to think creatively and independently. How to make the teaching of literature compatible with the necessity and the pedagogical value of developing the students‟ critical awareness so that they become critical readers of literary texts and not passive accumulators of whatever is being taught to them? For it is to be noted that education could be and should aim to be a means of empowerment. Faced with these challenges together with the changing shape of teaching in all sectors of education with the implementation of LMD system, teachers are more than ever before required to critically revise their teaching practices, their pedagogical architecture and curricula so as to meet the
requirements of the new educational exigencies. It is our hope that this conference will give the opportunity to teachers to evaluate their paradigms, to present case studies of their current practices in the teaching of literature and culture in which colleagues have (successfully) experimented with new ideas, and to give shape to their concrete contributions as to what strategies and pedagogies should be changed, why and how?
We welcome proposals for papers that are pertinent to any of the following strands:
1 Teaching literature under the current system: objectives, approaches, experiences, constraints, assessments
2 Teacher-centered versus Learner-centered approaches
3 Teaching Literature and culture
4 Teaching literature and Language
5 Literary criticism and teaching literature
6 Renovation of pedagogical methods
7 Teaching literature and the new technologies
8 Teaching Literature and LMD requirements
The language of the conference: English
Please send proposals for papers (approximately 100-150 words) to:
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Phone/fax: 027 72 01 71