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The Boxer And The Spy

The book “The Boxer And The Spy” is about a boy named Terry who investigates a murder scene with his best friend Abby. Terry is a boxer in the making; he goes to practice everyday and is just like every other ordinary kid, until he realizes something is up with the murder scene. He then sneaks around the school looking for evidence and later finds out that Mr. Bullard the principal, and Mrs. Trent - the mayor of the city, killed the boy. Jason was killed because he heard about illegal property business that Mrs. Trent and Mr. Bullard were doing. George was Terry’s personal trainer who helped put them in jail for illegal business and murder.
Two characters I found very loyal and honest were Terry – the main character, and George, Terry’s trainer. Terry is a very loyal person; he took a step further then needed. He was a hero to his town. The minute he heard about a boy being murdered from his school, he wanted to take action – he didn’t even talk to him but yet, he needed to know what happened and if he committed suicide. I chose Terry because he knew he was doing the right thing, even though people told him to stop sneaking around and told him he was causing trouble – but he didn’t care, he needed to see for himself. The second person I chose was George. I chose him because he has a lot of determination, and dedication. He backed up Terry every step of the way, he wasn’t just Terry’s trainer, he
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Was his mentor. George helped Terry through tough problems and gave him advice for whatever he needed it. George didn’t care what he got paid; he just loved to help people. He was Terry’s hero.
In “The Boxer And The Spy” there were a lot of parts where things came to me as a surprise, a delight, and a disappointment. But the best part that was a surprise to me was near the end when Terry caught Mr.Bullard for illegal business because he was asking Mrs. Trent that what would happen if we got caught and Terry and Abby overheard them talking in the principle’s office. They were just about to leave until Terry tripped over the payphone cord. Mr. Bullard heard, and saw Terry and started to panic. He was in shock and was thinking what he was going to do – he saw his life flash before his eyes. So he started to chase them. Terry and Abby ran to the gym where George was boxing and pleaded for help. George told Terry he would never fight again earlier that day. That is why he became a trainer, to teach – not fight. But when Mr. Bullard charged at Terry, George had to jump in. He took down Mr. Bullard within 15 seconds. After Mr. Bullard was half dead on the floor, he told Terry “Control is key,” and Terry never forgot that. In later years Terry became a competitive boxer, and the only thing that went through his end in fights were “control is key.”
Personally If I were Terry I would have NOT done anything like him. He had so much bravery and was so courageous. He was told if he did not stop sneaking around, and getting in everybody’s business he would get expelled from school. He didn’t care; he needed to find out the truth about what happened. He almost got beat up, killed and expelled, what does that tell you. It tells me that he is not scared of anything, and fights
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For what he believes in. I would have acted much different. If somebody died, I would have cared and been a bit suspicious. But I would have not taken it to Terry’s level. If I were told to stop I would do so immediately, no questions asked. It’s just because a
principal has so much power, and you do not look at people you see everyday as a killer. So the bottom line is that if I were put in Terry’s position, I would have not acted the
same at all because I would not want to get killed over something that I had no idea about, unless I have to dig so deep that my life was at risk.
There were many themes to this book, but the theme I chose because I liked it the best was: Sometimes doing something wrong can result in doing something right. Which also means often when an awful thing occurs in our life, we can always find something to cheer us up, or make us feel better then how we felt in the past. I learned that from the book because everybody told Terry he was doing the wrong thing, even he thought he was. If he did it carelessly, he would have turned out to be like Jason. But after all that determination of doing the wrong thing, to find the good out of it – it finally came. He finally found out that two very powerful people were murders.
Yes, I would recommend this book to people, but only to people who like mystery and suspense. If you do not like that genre then I would not recommend it because that is what it is based on. The only reason I would not recommend it is because it has more dialog then needed. But overall it was a great book, and I would read it again!