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Thread: "Would"

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    Hi ^^
    I am a newbie to this forum, and here is my first question ^^;

    I am wondering what tense should I stick with if I use the word "would" in my writing. I was told to be careful when I use this word........Like, if I say
    "I would prefer to go to Canada beacause Canada is a nice place"
    I am lost because "would" is in past tense and "is" in present tense......
    and Canada is STILL a nice place............

    or is it all right to have both past tense and present tense in a sentence?
    I am always very confuse about "would"......
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    Re: "Would"

    In English, the words must, will, would, shall, should, may, might, can, could, ought [to], and need [to] are known as modal auxilliaries. These are words that add different degrees of necessity, possibility, willingness, obligation or ability to the main verb. It is the tense of the main verb that determines the tense of the sentence.

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    Re: "Would"

    Welcome, Kaka.

    Below are the various meanings of would. Which do you feel fits your example sentence best?

    1. past tense of will in reported speech
    EX: Pat said they would be back later.

    2. a condition
    EX: You would have loved the movie we rented.

    3. a habitual act
    EX: Max would water the plants every Tuesday.

    4. polite request
    EX: Would you like some coffee?

    5. probability
    EX: Sam would (probably) be manager by now.

    6. consent
    EX: They would not let us in the store!

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    Re: "Would"

    Hello Everyone ^^;)/ *waving back*
    Thank you for all the replies

    Hmmm..................I am guessing it's a condition.....?

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