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    Cool Present simple/present continuous


    In the following cases, I don't know which to choose: the Present simple or the present continuous. Can you help me?

    -(In an email) I attach/am attaching two files.

    -(In an email) I send /am sending you my confirmation.

    -Do you turn the tap off when you clean/are cleaning your teeth?

    -His level is too low. He slows /is slowing down the rest of the group.

    Thank you

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    Re: Present simple/present continuous

    1. 'I (hereby) attach...' is a formal set expression; ''I am attaching" is informal.

    2. I am sending... (even formally, the present simple is not used here)

    3. & 4: both possible, since the action in question may reasonably be viewed from either a general (simple) or an ongoing (progressive) standpoint. Probably, however, a natural tendency toward verbal concord would make 'clean' slightly more idiomatic that 'are cleaning' in (3).

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    Re: Present simple/present continuous

    I use "I have attached", "please find attached <document name>" and "please find <document name> attached."

    • I am sending you ...
    • Do you turn the tap off when you brush your teeth?
    • Do you turn the tap off when brushing your teeth?

    The last one, "He slows/is slowing down", I wouldn't use
    personally, and should be rephrased, say, maybe, his work (habits) is (are) slowing down the groups' progress, which places emphasis on work rather than on the person.

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    Re: Present simple/present continuous


    Please note I'm not a teacher nor a native speaker;

    another alternative for the last one :
    He's not at the expected level of performance and that affects the team.


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