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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people should try several different jobs before they take a long term career.

In present-day society, deciding upon a career is one of the most significant choice which can shape one's whole life. For some young people, who didn't have any working experience before graduating, the decision seems much harder. So quite a number of college graduates are misled into overly relying on trying a variety of jobs.

First of all, a wide range of young people had already decided the professions or at least the orientations of their career, when they chose their major in the university. It is not uncommon that some people know what job they want to do from an early age. For these people, all they need do is follow the road under their feet which is a perfectly straight line right to the destination they have chosen. Such as most individuals who get in medical colleges want to be surgeons or physicians and who get in law schools want to be lawyers.

Moreover, for some people whose majors are general sciences, such as chemistry, physics and so forth, which means it is hard for them to select a clear-cut career, trying diverse jobs is not a rational option as well. For these people, a good way to measure which occupations are more suitable for them is to take related internships which are aimed at helping student gain experience in their field and determine if they have an interest in a particular career. In addition, professors, lecturers or officers working at careers office will have good ideas of what we can do with the subjects we're studying.

Finally, the feasible of experiencing a wide spectrum of jobs is vulnerable to any question. On the one hand, it is undoubted that a little of every job is no job in the main. Trying jobs with no purpose is like looking for a needle in a haystack, which may consume all their life. On the other hand, the advent of financial crisis make it harder to find a job even for those experienced applicants , not mention to young people, who just out of school, trying different jobs. What's more, there are plenty of jobs for which the pleasure and the sense of achievement need quit a lengthy period to unearth.

Given the reasons above, I can safely conclude that it is time for us to reevaluate the rationality and effectiveness of trying a wide array of jobs. More importantly, it is essential for us to put our career plans into practical.