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    Cool Transitive verbs and others

    Hi everybody!
    1. In the sentence "I hope you can do everything you want". Although "want" is a transitive verb, in this example I don't need to use any complement, do I? Please, let me know if it is right.

    2. What is the difference between: "How was your holiday?" and "What was your holiday like?" / "How was the career fair?" and "What was the career fair like?"

    Thank you and have a nice weekend!!!

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    Re: Transitive verbs and others

    1-- Yes, unnecessary; the rest of the clause is elided but understood-- 'want [to do]'. ('Want', of course, is not necessarily a transitive verb; it has intransitive uses)

    2-- 'How was your holiday?' 'Very enjoyable, thank you.'

    'What was your holiday like?' 'Well, it rained the first day, but after that we had a chance to do a lot of hiking. We camped at the top of Mt. Doom.'

    The questions are quite similar, and may be uttered with the same intention and receive the same response; but the longer one evinces more interest, and would likely elicit a more detailed reply.



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