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    Sending a Letter - mailing address


    I`d like to send a letter to a very good friend of mine who is currently living in a hotel in the UK. How do I have to write the mailing address?

    Lets say his name is Michael Moore and he is staying in the Royal Garden Hotel.

    to: Mr. Michael Moore
    Royal Garden Hotel
    2-24 Kensington High St

    Would that be correct?

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    Re: Sending a Letter - mailing address

    Not a teacher

    It can certainly sound awkward: are you sure he'll receive your letter by the time he left? Anyway, your try seems to be right.
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    Re: Sending a Letter - mailing address

    Through the wonders of google, I found the Royal Mail website's guide to all this type of business.

    This is how I would address the letter:

    Mr. Michael Moore
    Royal Garden Hotel
    2-24 Kensington High St

    Crikey, posh place!
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